Production Team / Designers

We are finalizing our 2017/2018 season, which will begin in late fall 2017. We will be looking for costume, set, lighting, sound, and props designers as well as stage management and crew.  Small stipends will be included with contracts and archival video after shows close.  The company's mission is to remain minimal, however that doesn't mean that the designs are necessarily simple or non-existent.  There should be some interesting design challenges this season.  Check back for more details after we've announced the season. If you're interested in being considered, submit your information and we'll add you for consideration.

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Auditions are being planned for Playland by Athol Fugard, Love All by Dorothy L. Sayers, the new works readings, and The Right Note. Please click below to sign up to be notified. Below are the currently anticipated needs.

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Playland (Reading)

Auditions Wednesday 11/15 6:30pm-9:30pm
4-5 rehearsals in Dec/Jan
perf 1/14/2018
Small stipend paid
non-AEA only
  • Martinus Zoeloe (M/35-45) Black South African, carnival night watchman
  • Gideon le Roux (M/30s) White South African, recently released from military service, physically fit and aggressive
  • The voice of “Barking Barney” Barkhuizen (M) White South African
  • Stage Directions
For more details and to sign-up:
Submit your information via this link:

Love All by Dorothy L. Sayers (Reading)

Auditions TBA (spring 2018)
4-5 rehearsals in Mar/Apr
perf 4/22/2018
Small stipend paid
non-AEA only

Most of the characters are British, the play takes place in the late 1930s/early 1940s

  • Godfrey Daybrook (M/40) popular novelist, good looking, self-satsified, living in Italy
  • Lydia Hillington (F/25) ambitious, savvy actress, a little hot-headed, living in Italy
  • Mary Birch (F/23) very quiet and competent, personal secretary, living in Italy
  • Judy Mintlaw (F/30s) voluble, slightly stagey, theatre producer’s wife on holiday in Italy
  • Stella Coppingham (F/36) a little bit severe, competent personal secretary living in London
  • Michael Selby (M/20s-30s) established actor, expansive and self-confident
  • Janet Reed (F/35) very successful playwright, animated, on-top-of-the-world, sharp witted
  • Henry Norton (M/45-55) theatrical manager, genial cynic
  • Voices – Italian serving woman, gondoliers
  • Stage Directions

The Right Note (Concert Performance/Workshops) with Reading of Twelfth Night

This will be an off-book, semi-staged performance of the entire musical. We will also have a fundraising gala with songs from the show, and a reading of Twelfth Night with the cast. A recording of the songs for submission purposes will also be made during a separate recording session.

Auditions (TBA-Spring 2018)
Rehearsals (May/June 2018)
Excerpt Performances TBD (Spring 2018)
6 Full Performances (June/July 2018)

There will be 3 performances, separated by a week of adjustments/re-rehearsal and then 3 final performances.
Twelfth Night reading TBD early May with 3-4 rehearsals in April.
Recording session after close (date TBD).
Stipends paid.
Non-AEA only.

  • Vi (F) fraternal (identical) twin sister to SEVAS; she’s a struggling singer who does occasional session work; should be able to plausibly pass as male. Alto.
  • Duke (M), he’s a charismatic, if somewhat insecure country-style singer who’s convinced he can’t muster the sincerity required for good country. Baritone-tenor.
  • Lady O (F) she’s a fiercely aloof, proud, pop singer. Soprano.
  • Fez-T (F) lesbian, a hip-hop singer who’s (possibly feigned) indifferent to being on the show; likes to break into rap without thinking. Low alto.
  • Tobias (M) he’s a Midwestern metalhead who thinks pretending to be German is cool. Tenor.
  • Andreas (M) just a year or so older than TOBIAS, male; he’s a Midwestern metalhead who thinks pretending to be a heroin addict is cool. Tenor.
  • Mariah (F) youngest in the group, female, she’s smart, savvy, ambitious, and talented; capable of belting a song. Soprano.
  • Mal (M) oldest in the group, male, he’s an emo-pop singer who doesn’t realize emo is so five years ago. Baritone-bass.
  • Sevas (M) Vi’s twin, he’s a very good-looking, overly-assured, very talented singer (and ladies’ man). Tenor.
  • Voice (any) mature, professional; is always offstage

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Play Submissions

Spare Stage only accepts queries for full-length and one-act plays (20-40 mins). We have two primary areas for which we accept submission queries:

Work that will have the best chance:

For queries we generally ask for a 5-10 page sample of the play.

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Would you like to be notified of volunteer needs?  Most often these will be in the form of front of house support or help with load in/load out or help with special events.  Give us your information and we'll add you to our list of potential volunteers.  Volunteers for shows will receive at least one free ticket to see the show, free admittance to a special event, and/or pizza and soda for helping hands work.  All volunteers will be listed in thanks on the production's website.

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